The Publisher

Troy Anders was born in New Orleans, LA. and is the oldest of five (three brothers and one sister.) Troy escaped the dominance of drugs and violence through his love for basketball. Troy Anders played basketball as a kid and was athletic enough to earn a basketball scholarship to Alabama State University. At Alabama State University, he studied Business Development. Due to an injury in his junior year, Troy Anders could no longer play basketball. During his life after basketball, an opportunity to act and model presented itself, and Troy took advantage. Nailing an audition, Troy landed a starring role in an independent film, “Da Block party,” which went on to win “Independent Film of the Year” in 2005 and 2006 and aired on all cable networks (HBO, Starz, Black Starz, and Showtime). Landing roles in several commercials (ABC, Academy, NASA Space Center Houston, etc.) and a couple of movies, Troy began to work with his team peers to develop ways to capitalize on his popularity and platform. During this time, Troy wrote and released an urban novel titled “The Jump Off: The First of a Trilogy.” The book immediately took off, and before he knew it, he was in high demand to speak to at-risk teens and prisoners about decision-making. Opportunity continued to present itself, and Troy developed a customer service training manual for retail companies and restaurants. In 2020, with the development of Anders Publishing, Troy released his self-help book Everything You Need To Know To Structure Your Business, influenced by his passion for assisting individuals with adequately structuring their business. Now, with the release of The Best Christmas Ever and the much anticipated Are You Ready For College. Skies is the limit for Troy Anders, and nothing will stop him from reaching his potential.

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